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Millennium Peace by Maarten Schaddelee

Millennium Peace by Maarten Schaddelee
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Artwork DescriptionSculpted in relief eagle, orca, and dogwoods circling a compass rose with the Canadian maple leaf in center of rose. On reverse side ammonite shell in honour of shell life that created the marble millions of years ago. Granite plaques with writing by wellness educator and storyteller Nadina Stewart Schaddelee in base on both sides. The sculpture was unveiled on Earth Day and was donated by the Schaddelees.
Artwork StatementA Touchstone of Peace for the New Millennium. From Many Directions we have come at peace with Nature we are one. Inspired by a trip across Canada and the understanding that what we all have in common is the beautiful land and its gift of new possibilities. Desire for art to speak to all ages and diversities of people. Thank you to Canada for welcoming us here.

About Maarten Schaddelee

DatesJanuary 30, 1947 in Holland
Artist BioFull-time sculptor since 1990 who works with wood and stone to reveal the beauty of our environment and our co-existence with nature.
Artist ResumeSelf-taught, symposiums and sharing with other artists, artist in residence Painter at Painters. People's choice award Brandt Wildlife Festival, Jury's choice Sooke Fine Arts.


Artwork TypeSculpture
MediumVancouver Island marble, sculpted
Unveiled dateApril 20, 2000
DimensionsH: 178 cm L: 200 cm W: 40 cm
Reference #3742
SiteClover Point Park
Art CategoryCivic Public Art
Selection ProcessCivic: Donation
Municipality/NeighbourhoodVictoria: Fairfield



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