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Topography by Tyler Hodgins

Topography by Tyler Hodgins
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Artwork DescriptionAs part of the art-making process, and working with the Burnside Gorge Community Centre, Hodgins put out a call to the community for volunteers to come to the Centre and have their foot cast with a simple foam-casting technique commonly used by podiatrists to make orthotics. This simple, clean, process left the artist with an accurate impression of the bottom of the feet. He then used them to make a positive cast with plaster. The goal of this process was to assemble a variety of foot impressions representative of the community and its demographic. A large number of foot shapes and sizes, representing over 350 people, were cut into sections and fitted into place using city zoning as a guide. Larger city blocks and clearly defined areas were assembled and cast as individual units, with some streets and borders left as negative spaces. Concrete pieces were cast from the plaster assemblages and arranged on the wall so that the spaces in between represented major streets.
Artwork Statement'Topography' utilizes cast footprints of community members to assemble a textural relief map of the area serviced by the Burnside Gorge Community Centre. This map blends the natural topography with City zoning demarcations in a process directly involving the public. The map, cast in concrete, is mounted on an exterior wall at the main entrance to the building. By using a map of Burnside Gorge, the physical footprint of the region (the boundaries of which its residents might not even be aware of), as well as the footprint of its people, are suggested. The contour of the human foot cast in concrete implies a physical connection between people and the environment they travel over, leaving their mark on its surface in a variety of forms. The work suggests that people have a direct relationship to their environment through the impression they leave.

About Tyler Hodgins

DatesBorn 1968, Nanaimo BC
Artist BioTyler Hodgins has exhibited in Victoria, Vancouver, and Calgary and has work in public and private collections in Canada and the US. He lives in Victoria with his wife and three children. Tyler's work is primarily sculptural and includes video, photography, installation, and public art. Studio-based projects focus on themes of home, language, repetition/reproduction, and chance.
Artist Resume1986-87: Arts program at University of Victoria 1987-90: Victoria College of Art, Honours 1993: Honorary Associate of Victoria College of Art


Artwork TypeSculpture
MediumCast concrete.
Unveiled dateOctober 20, 2007
Dimensions9' x 9'
Reference #3754
SiteBurnside-Gorge Community Centre, 471 Cecelia Road.
Art CategoryCivic Public Art
Selection ProcessCivic: By Jury - Open Competition
Municipality/NeighbourhoodVictoria: East Burnside-Gorge



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