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Public Art in Saanich

The District of Saanich’s Comprehensive Art Policy was adopted by Council in December 2001. Included within this document is a Public Art Policy to encourage the creation of new works of art for the enhancement of public spaces. The purpose of the District of Saanich’s Public Art policy is:

  • To increase the liveability and artistic richness of the municipality by making art an on-going part of our environment;
  • To increase public awareness and appreciation of the visual arts;
  • To stimulate the creation of new works and the growth of the visual arts and art related businesses within the municipality; and
  • To provide a mechanism whereby citizens can be involved in the design of their public environment.

The public art inventory is organized to display the three main types of public art: a) civic or municipal, ( b) community art, and (c) private/developer public art.

Contact Information

Jane Evans, MCIP
Public Arts Coordinator
Phone: 475-5494, ext 3401

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