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Public Art in Victoria

The City of Victoria encourages and supports art making of many kinds, from single artist works to collaborations with engineers, architects and neighbourhood groups.

The Art in Public Places Policy was revised in 2010, with a more robust and inclusive framework to guide the process of selecting public art. The resulting policy commits $150,000 annually to public art which is placed in a reserve fund, so that unspent dollars in any one year are accumulated for future years. This new commitment ensures opportunities for significant works, and secures annual activity surrounding public art, both its acquisition, and maintenance and care. A unique addition to the reserve fund is the provision for up to 1% of construction costs for significant construction projects which are built infrequently, such as civic buildings or major infrastructure.

It is the intention of the city to create new works of art for the enhancement of Public places and providing opportunities for people in everyday life, for artists and the community to participate in the design, look and feel of the city. Art in public places is defined as: "original artwork selected, commissioned, created or donated for location in the public realm, and created by an artist. They may be permanent or transitory, functional, integrated or discrete to a site."

The City of Victoria's Art in Public Places Policy The City of Victoria's Art in Public Places Policy can be found at:

The public art inventory is organized to display the three types of public art in Victoria: (a) Civic or municipal, (b) Community art , and (c) Private/developer public art. All three types of public art form a comprehensive matrix of Art in Public Places in Victoria.

Contact Information

Civic and Community Art in Public Places projects:

Terri Askham
Manager, Culture, Sport and Neighbourhoods
Phone: 250.361.0362



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